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Products Spray Paint ABORDAGE® Spray Paint Diamond Blue AB-133

ABORDAGE® Spray Paint Diamond Blue AB-133  is a high-quality fast-drying universal   spray paint formulated to paint and decorate almost any surfaces such as metal, wood, concrete, stone, most plastics etc. Good for interior and exterior use. Offers brilliant colors and allows for superior coverage. Good for vehicles, motorbikes, equipment, furniture, household, handcrafts and decorations. Especially recommended for graffiti.  Non-toxic when dry.  


1.  All surfaces to be painted must be free of rust, dirt, grease oil, moisture and loose paint.  For porous surfaces such as brick it is recommended to paint first with water soluble spray paint for exterior use.

2.  Protect surrounding area from spray.

3.  Shake can vigorously for at least one minute after mixing ball rattles and shake occasionally during application.

4.  Hold can 10'' to 12'' from surface to be painted. Apply steady, think and overlapping coats. Let one coat dry before applying another one. If necessary apply several think coats.

5.  Clean spray valve immediately after use by turning can upside down.

Consumption: 1 can for 1-2 m2. Ideal temperature for spraying is 70-80oF.  Spray Paint color matches approximately cap color. Color on the paper sticker corresponds better to real color.

CAUTION: FLAMMABLE! Don’t heat above 120°F. Use at adequate ventilation. Avoid skin contact. In case of eye contact flush with water thoroughly and seek medical attention. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Made in China under license from and control of  1NEW® TRADE, INC.

Net weight: 400 ml 12 pcs/cs