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About Us

1NEW® — ONE because we are the first? Or ONE because we are the best? In fact both!

We are the first because as a result of 20 years’ experience in development and sales of various American automotive, hardware and consumer products our team knows what the final consumer and his car need. We know how to strike the happy medium – great quality at reasonable price!

We are the best because we don’t repeat past mistakes, well-known to us from other brands. Exactly the opposite! Under our brand and our strict control we are working with European, American, Chinese and Russian factories to produce the world's best quality goods.
Then why «NEW»? Are we going to be a young and fast growing brand forever? Of course, we are not! NEW because we are committed to please both amateurs and professionals with a variety of innovative products. We have a keen scent multiplied by our experience for products that can become best friends for all car enthusiasts and DIY specialists.

Big words aside, 1NEW® is a team of like-minded people which since 1990 distributed huge range of car care, household and construction products and in 2013 created own registered trademark 1NEW®, taking into account long-term experience of victories and defeats in manufacture, sales and distribution of other brands. We manufacture and sell various aerosols, glues, sealants, fluids and other 1NEW® products in many countries all over the world.