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Seals and inflates tires within one minute.

1NEW®  TIRE INFLATOR is designed to fix and inflate broken tires quickly. Very easy to use. No tools or jacks needed.  Does not adversely affect tire balance. Inflates tires up to 240 kPa (2.4 Bar). Fixes small punctures in almost all types of tires but most efficient for tubeless tires.

DIRECTIONS:  Rotate wheel so that tire valve is at bottom. Shake well. If temperature is below 32°F, warm can using vehicle's interior heater vent before use.  Tightly screw nozzle onto tire valve. Hold can upright and push button down firmly.  It takes about 1 minute to empty can. Detach can from tire and drive vehicle immediately 2 to 4 miles at 20 mph. to allow selant to spread evenly inside the tire. Check tire pressure and, if needed, add air up to manufacturer recommended pressure. Product will not repair sires with broken valves, tires with sidewall or severe damages.

Part Nr. TI-450

Made in China under license and control by 1NEW®  TRADE, INC.

 Net weight: 450 ml.