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1NEW®  Epoxy Steel  ESS-24 is a strong, water resistant and easy-to-use adhesive. Can be drilled, sanded and machined.


For better results surface to be bonded shall be clean and free of grease and oil.

1. Turn syringes end up and allow air bubbles to rise to top.

2. Cut off end tips of syringes.

3. Press plunger carefully to expel air. Squeeze equal parts of both materials, resin and hardener, on disposable surface. Mix resin and hardener thoroughly during 1 minute.

4. Apply  even coat on both surfaces to be bond and join them. Sets in 5 minutes. Fully cures in 12 hours. After use place storage caps to syringes.

Made in China under control and license of 1NEW® TRADE, INC.

Part Nr. ESS-24

Volume: 24 ml  12 pcs/cs