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1NEW® BLUE REMOVABLE THREADLOCK is specially formulated to lock and seal thread joints which may require disassembly. Will not crack or migrate with time or due to vibration. Resistant to most chemical products.  Sets within 20 – 30 minutes. Fully cures in 24 hours. Allows avoiding use of locknuts, pins or welding. Temperature range for application is from -60 оF to 300 оF (-50оС to +150оС).  Breaking strength is 120 atm.


1.      Clean parts thoroughly.

2.      Remove cap and cut nozzle.

3.      Apply several drops to parts to be assembled.

4.      Assemble parts and tighten.

5.      Allow curing before use.

CAUTION! In case of skin or eye contact flush with warm water and call physician if needed. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENT.

Net weight: 5 g

Made in China under license from and control by 1NEW®  TRADE, INC.

Part No. TL-5BLUE