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Products Antifreeze & Flush Motor Flush Premium


  • Designed to remove debris and build-up residues from gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Removes oil sludge deposits remained after oil drain. Is a part of motor oil change procedure.  
  • Makes engine and transmission system life time longer, keeps properties of oil filled after flush. Prevents quick oxidation.
  • Based on high performance mineral oil with a number numerous washing and dispersing agents.
  • Clean engine parts from high temperature carbon and varnish formation.



1. While engine is warm, drain crankcase.

2. Add 1NEW® MOTOR FLUSH OIL PREMIUM and let idle for 15 - 30 minutes without load.

3. Drain used motor oil. If motor oil's colour is dark and heavily contaminated, repeat flushing with another portion of 1NEW® MOTOR FLUSH OIL PREMIUM.

4.  Change oil filter and refill with oil.



FLAMMABLE! In case of eye's and skin's contact flush with large quantity of water. KEEPT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Made in Russia under  license from and control by 1NEW®  TRADE, INC.

Volume: 4 l -  Part No. MF-14R