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Products Antifreeze & Flush Antifreeze G12

Designed for cooling systems of any gasoline and diesel engines.


  • Based on high performance mono ethylene glycol. Contains no nitrates, phosphates, amines and silicates.  
  • Provides high duty anti-cavitation and anti-corrosion protection of metals and alloys. Inert to seals. Prevents scale formation.
  • Provides reliable operation of cooling system at temperatures from -100oF to +122oF.


Designed based on requirements and standards of VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL 774-C, Opel GM QL 130100, Porsche TL 774-C, MB 325.0/325.2, BMW GS 9400, Saab 6901 599, ASTM D 3306/D 4656/D 4985, SAE J 1034.

Compatible with any type of high quality antifreeze and G12 cooling liquids.


Let engine cool off. Drain water and flush cooling system. Fill cooling system with Antifreeze according to manual instructions.


POISONEOUS! Contains ethylene glycol, water and additives. In case of ingestion do not induce vomiting. In case of eye's or skin's contact immediately flush with large quantity of water. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Avoid contact with paint coatings.

Made in Russia under  license from and control by 1NEW®  TRADE, INC.

Net weight: 1 kg Part No. AF-11R

Net weight: 5 kg Part No. AF-15R